Sunday, December 14, 2008

Unreachable Dreams....

Last night, when we were getting our Christmas Tree the woman at the tree lot was asking Abigail questions. There conversation went something like this.

Treelady: Hey Sweetie, what's your name?
Abigail: "Abigail Forps" .
Tree Lady: How old are you?
Abigail: "I am going to be 5"
Treelady: How old are you now?
Abigail "Two...but going to be 5 when I am tall...SOON"

Poor kid she may make it to five but she's never going to be tall!

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Teesa and Bill said...

Wow - she can do last names too? Abigail is so funny! She's so looking forward to being older, isn't she? I love your stories abou her - keep them coming!