Monday, December 22, 2008

An interlude...

between remembrances.

Abigail surprised me today. We went to Power of Play to burn off some energy before food shopping. It was a lot of fun for both of us. Abigail had a lot of fun playing with everything and deciding when she was ready to go, and I had a lot of fun watching and interacting with her. The difference in her is amazing. Last time we had been there she had played with the toys but without much "sense". This time it was fun to watch her "understand" what all the rooms were for. She has always "cooked" in the kitchen; or fed the babies in the play house, but today was different.

Today Abigail brought me into the "Doctor's Office" Made me sit in a wheelchair, put an x-ray on the light box and told me my leg was broken. She then put medicine on my leg and told me that I was all better.

This is reason number #135 that I am so happy she is going to Jenkins Preschool Academy.

On a side night, Abigail has had a tricycle since March of this year. She has been able to pedal it decently but not with great agility.In other words, she crashes into walls Today she proved how skillfull she has become on the is a little video to share.

and a CTKS (cute things kids say) moment tonight at bedtime: Abigail farted tonight while puttng together her bedtime puzzle.. She looked at me laughed and said " My butt" I asked her what was wrong with her butt and she said " My but is leaking!!" and started giggling. The joys of being two.

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