Saturday, January 31, 2009

Building Bridges

What do you get when you mix a 2 year old, toothpicks and a handful of marshmallows??

Bridges of course!!

This morning while watching Curious George we learned that we can make bridges from marshmallows and toothpicks. After the show Abigail wanted to try and do it herself. So a quick trip to the supermarket for a few needed supplies (marshmallows and toothpicks) and we were ready to begin construction.

The First one is always the hardest

Showing off all her hard work

Connecting Squares!

The beginning of a bridge

Much Longer...time to start the rails

Triangles are harder then Squares!

Two Triangles...can't stop me now!

Almost Done...Check out her concentration face

The final product...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

you can lead a child to play dough...

but you cannot make them make hearts! Or anything else you want them to make.

I had great intentions of Abigail and I making Valentines Day Decorations with salt dough this evening. Abigail had other ideas. I diligently made hearts in several colors...Abigail had no interest in joining in.

Instead she made a cave on the edge of the ocean and dolphins swimming in and out...proof that I am merely a minion on Abigail's journey though childhood.

The cave- with the ocean waves lapping the edge

"Mama dolphin swiming into the cave"

Unwillingly showing her dolphin to the camera

On a more amusing note Abigail got new Sandals last weekend. She is now a size 8. On the way to a birthday party today she noticed that their were 8's on the bottom of both shoes. Suddenly she started giggling as she sat in her car seat, put the soles of her shoes together and started chanting "Eight Ate Eight...yum yum yum"

And another one... Ab and I were rolling out dough when Abigail noticed our camping lantern. She looked at it, looked at me , looked at it again and told me that the lantern won't work, because "Grandma turned the oxygen off" Poor kid, felt bad telling her that our lanterns worked on batteries not on a wick and oil... If you can not tell Sid the Science Kid is a favorite show at our house.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Abigail decided to cooperate tonight and let me video tape her while she was reading and doing puzzles. She has been reading for several months but would not let me videotape her at all! So while this is not a good showcase of her ability I am happy to have it "on the record!"

And this is of her doing a puzzle that her friend Cooper gave her for her birthday. In Abigail's opinion their is no such thing as too many puzzles. (WARNING! This is a long video!)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day..!!!

I never thought I would post those words living in South Eastern North Carolina, but it actually snowed today. The snow came fast and hard but only lasted for about 30 minutes before stopping. I would say that we got about 1/2 inch of snow and most of it has melted.

It is supposed to get cold and ice up over night but by Friday it will be in the high 60s again. But for a few hours today Abigail got to experience the joys of her first snowfall.
Enjoying the first snowfall

January 20,2009- Obama's Inauguration

snow angels

and the day cannot be truly captured without a video...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

One liners...

Here are some conversations with Abigail from the last few weeks: I thought I would share. Like everything else Abigail is being "two" in her own unique way.

I was trying to get dinner on the table the other night and I had asked Abigail politely 3-4 times to get her yellow chair. So finally I repeated the same words but in a much angrier tone and Abigail replied:"Stop being mean mama! It won't help"

We were walking through the parking lot in Walmart talking about the differences between shadows, reflections and echoes (Abigail says an echo is a "shadow for your ear").Anyway, at one point we were at a bad angle and we could only see my shadow, so I asked Abigail what happened to hers and she said " I left it at home today"

Christmas Morning Abigail hopped out of bed and ran to wake Grandma up. As I was staggering out of bed I asked Abigail if Santa had come and in a VERY sad voice she said "NO" so I asked her if she looked under the tree. The next thing I heard was the pitter patter of her flat feet and then a joyful "He Came He Came" and then running back "Santa brought me presents...and one for you too!"

And finally this last conversation happened last night as I was taking her out of the bath.

Abigail: Yay, my pink towel that says Abigail
Me: Really, your towel says Abigail? Really your towel talks?
Abigail: My towel does not talk. I talk. My towel drys me.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Many Faces of Abigail

Abigail is in love

Yes, it is a $7 love affair with a the bungee jump/trampoline at the mall. She has done it twice since she has tried it, and is now Obsessed!

and Yes it is a horrible video. The sunglare was really bad. I will try again for quality next time.

Hope you enjoy!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Good Friends

Abigail got to spend last Tuesday with her good friend S.

S moved away about 6 months ago, and Abigail really loves when she comes to visit. Although she is sad for the next few days. But when they are together you can really tell how good friends they are.