Saturday, January 24, 2009

you can lead a child to play dough...

but you cannot make them make hearts! Or anything else you want them to make.

I had great intentions of Abigail and I making Valentines Day Decorations with salt dough this evening. Abigail had other ideas. I diligently made hearts in several colors...Abigail had no interest in joining in.

Instead she made a cave on the edge of the ocean and dolphins swimming in and out...proof that I am merely a minion on Abigail's journey though childhood.

The cave- with the ocean waves lapping the edge

"Mama dolphin swiming into the cave"

Unwillingly showing her dolphin to the camera

On a more amusing note Abigail got new Sandals last weekend. She is now a size 8. On the way to a birthday party today she noticed that their were 8's on the bottom of both shoes. Suddenly she started giggling as she sat in her car seat, put the soles of her shoes together and started chanting "Eight Ate Eight...yum yum yum"

And another one... Ab and I were rolling out dough when Abigail noticed our camping lantern. She looked at it, looked at me , looked at it again and told me that the lantern won't work, because "Grandma turned the oxygen off" Poor kid, felt bad telling her that our lanterns worked on batteries not on a wick and oil... If you can not tell Sid the Science Kid is a favorite show at our house.

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Sincere's Mommy said...

Too funny. And so true. I am just holding my sons backbag on his journey through the forest of life. I love her holding up the dolphin. :)