Thursday, January 15, 2009

One liners...

Here are some conversations with Abigail from the last few weeks: I thought I would share. Like everything else Abigail is being "two" in her own unique way.

I was trying to get dinner on the table the other night and I had asked Abigail politely 3-4 times to get her yellow chair. So finally I repeated the same words but in a much angrier tone and Abigail replied:"Stop being mean mama! It won't help"

We were walking through the parking lot in Walmart talking about the differences between shadows, reflections and echoes (Abigail says an echo is a "shadow for your ear").Anyway, at one point we were at a bad angle and we could only see my shadow, so I asked Abigail what happened to hers and she said " I left it at home today"

Christmas Morning Abigail hopped out of bed and ran to wake Grandma up. As I was staggering out of bed I asked Abigail if Santa had come and in a VERY sad voice she said "NO" so I asked her if she looked under the tree. The next thing I heard was the pitter patter of her flat feet and then a joyful "He Came He Came" and then running back "Santa brought me presents...and one for you too!"

And finally this last conversation happened last night as I was taking her out of the bath.

Abigail: Yay, my pink towel that says Abigail
Me: Really, your towel says Abigail? Really your towel talks?
Abigail: My towel does not talk. I talk. My towel drys me.

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