Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Epitomy of Abigail

It is really hard to describe Abigail. She is feisty. She is smart. She loves books, babydolls, and make believe. Her favorite color is pink, and she will not leave the house without a purse. You would think she was Miss Priss but not true. Yet she will climb the tallest tree, jump in mud puddles and chase frogs with all the boys. Most of all she loves soccer. So I really think these pictures fit Abigail to a tee right now.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Dragon Family

Abigail has decided that she is "into" dragons. DOnt know if this will last more then just today but here are pictures of her Mama Dragon and Baby Dagon. They are pretty cute i my totally unbiased opinion :)

This is the mama dragon:

and this is the baby dragon he has a tear coming out of his eye "because he lost his mama and got very very scared".

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School

Today was the first day of preschool and Abigail was so excited. Like last year she did not hesitate to leave Grandma and explore her world that begins to get little bit bigger every day.

Here is her picture from the first day of school last year.

and here is this years picture!

isnt it amazing how much she has grown in a year. There is so little baby left!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A snowy Day

Abigail's experience with snow is exteremely limited. We had a few snow showers that closed school last year and that is about it. Snow to Abigail means hot chocolate, warm winter hats, mittens, and mommy being home for more then a few hours a day.

She has been talking about snow and snowboarding a lot lately. She really wants to go and enjoy winter and all that comes with it. When you live at the beach winter is more of a vacation then a reality.

Here is the winter scene she drew tonight. It is her, on a mountain, in a snow storm. That spider looking thing at the top is the sun :) and to the left of that is a whale...she is two after all OH and she was super excited that she was able to write both her first and last name from memory.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Please Pray

Please pray for the Klear Family. Their son Sam has Brugada Syndrome and he is having a rough time of it right now. He had major heart surgery on Tuesday to move the leads on his defibulator and he is having a very rough recovery. He is in a lot of pain and his heart went into VTAC last night and his pacemaker did not work quite right.

Please pray for his family, for his doctors , and for him.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Glorious Day

She woke me up today saying "It's a glorious day mama, let's go play!" She is right today is a glorious day. The sky is blue, it is warm with a nice breeze. It is the perfect summer day.

Today is glorious for more reasons then Abigail knows about. She is spending her last days of summer chasing butterflies, making mudpies, hosting tpretend dance and magic shows and of course asking the never ending "why, mama". So any day that the sunshines is glorious for her. But for our friends Bill and Teesa today is an even more glorious day.

Today while Abigail played her friend Sam, who is a week older, had his second major heart surgery, three hours away from us. Sam has a heart disorder called Brugada Syndrome and he was having surgery to have his defibulator re-placed. The doctors succeffuly moved the leads and he is currently in the PICU recovering. While the surgery went wonderful everyone expects that Sam will be in a lot of pain for the next 5 days or so. So while you are enjoying the beauty that today has brought please take a moment and say a prayer that God continues to be glorious this day and eases Sam's pain,helps him heal quickly and gives his parents and family the peace and tranquility to get through this time.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Glasses Part 2

Today I went to pick up my new glasses (which look EXACTLY like my old glasses) and Abigail interpreted this as eyeglass fashion show part 2. She immediately ran over to the kids section and started trying on glasses. I am surprised at how much she likes the idea of lenses and I am thinking about whether it would be worth it to talk to eye doctor about getting them now while she is so excited about the idea. In 6 months who knows what will excite her!

Never the less we have narrowed our choices down to three. Here they are:

Any opinions are appreciated!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Abigail has discovered the mail, and loves to send and recieve she has been "writing" letters to her bestest friend in the whole world, Meredith. I think I have said before how crazy close these two kids are. They love each other like they were sisters and their friendship has lasted 2 years and over 200 miles(that is a lot for a two year old).

Here is the latest "letter" she wrote. It is a picture of her friend (who does not really have 5 legs) playing in a sunshower. It is pure Abigail!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

She's so bright

she's gotta wear shades

well not until Christmas time...but Ab sure had fun picking out the frames she wanted :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Barefoot Books

When we were in New York this summer I discovered a new children's book publisher- at least new to me. The company is Barefoot Books and they offer chidlren books that are both fun to read and great to look at. just fell in love with these books. The books are so beautiful and the stories are perfect for my daughter. I love reading her stories that are not based on comercial characters.

Ihave gone to lots of inhome sales and have never been convinced to start selling the items. I just have never feel the need to take time out of my busy life to share. If you want to learn more about barefoot books and order some for your children click on the banner below.