Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Glorious Day

She woke me up today saying "It's a glorious day mama, let's go play!" She is right today is a glorious day. The sky is blue, it is warm with a nice breeze. It is the perfect summer day.

Today is glorious for more reasons then Abigail knows about. She is spending her last days of summer chasing butterflies, making mudpies, hosting tpretend dance and magic shows and of course asking the never ending "why, mama". So any day that the sunshines is glorious for her. But for our friends Bill and Teesa today is an even more glorious day.

Today while Abigail played her friend Sam, who is a week older, had his second major heart surgery, three hours away from us. Sam has a heart disorder called Brugada Syndrome and he was having surgery to have his defibulator re-placed. The doctors succeffuly moved the leads and he is currently in the PICU recovering. While the surgery went wonderful everyone expects that Sam will be in a lot of pain for the next 5 days or so. So while you are enjoying the beauty that today has brought please take a moment and say a prayer that God continues to be glorious this day and eases Sam's pain,helps him heal quickly and gives his parents and family the peace and tranquility to get through this time.

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