Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A snowy Day

Abigail's experience with snow is exteremely limited. We had a few snow showers that closed school last year and that is about it. Snow to Abigail means hot chocolate, warm winter hats, mittens, and mommy being home for more then a few hours a day.

She has been talking about snow and snowboarding a lot lately. She really wants to go and enjoy winter and all that comes with it. When you live at the beach winter is more of a vacation then a reality.

Here is the winter scene she drew tonight. It is her, on a mountain, in a snow storm. That spider looking thing at the top is the sun :) and to the left of that is a whale...she is two after all OH and she was super excited that she was able to write both her first and last name from memory.


Teesa said...

Beautiful, as always. She's a real artist. Does she call herself Abby then? I figured if she wrote it that way, she must prefer that?

Beth and Abigail said...

No...she just says it is easier then writing ABigail. She calls herself ABigail...and don't dare call her anything else :)!!