Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First time camping

Abigail has a pop tent that I set up in her room today. She had a great time playing in and with it. Tonight, when it was bed time she told she she wanted to "sleep like diego" and pulled her lovies her blanket and her pilow into the tent. I figured it would be easier to let her pretned to sleep in it. But I guess she really did want to sleep like Diego. Sometimes I wonder how old she really is

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Economic Crisis...

So the economic crisis is nothing to laugh about, unless you are talking to a 2 year old...

A few weeks ago Abigail had a friend( to proctect the innocent we will refer to him as X) over and he wanted to take the money out of her bank. So, like he had seen on a Curious George episode, he problem solved like any 2 year old (or monkey) does. He threw it and broke it. Now fast forward 2 weeks

Saturday morning Abigail and I were sitting in front of the TV watching The Today Show. They, like everyone else Saturday morning, were talking about the economic crisis and the bailout program that congress is working on. Abigail heard economic and started shouting echo! echo! HEre is the conversation we had saturday morning

Abigail: "Echo! Echo!"
Mommy: "No, baby. not echo, economics. They are talking about money"
Abigail: Money, bank?
Mommy: "Yes baby, they are talking about the bank. The bank is broken."
Abigail: " X broke it!"

Thursday, September 25, 2008


It is so hard to describe Abigail's personality. She is girly but tough. Sweet but stubborn. You are just as likely to find her chasing tadpoles as having tea parties. She loves kitchens, doll houses and tools.

Ab has been sick since Monday but for abotu 20 minutes this evening she was her old self. In that time I managed to get a picture that perfectly captures her 2 yr old personality.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Abigail had quite a day, started in school by being oblivious and then continued into the evening at home. We tried to clean her room and in 2 hs got her closet finished. Then it was dinner, and a few minutes of play time before bath and bed. In those few minutes Abigail managed to do some major damage.

She got ahold of a blue SHARPIE marker that we found in her closet. Like any 2 year old, she went to work with her unprecedented freedom with art supplies. Unlike any other 2 yr old, she did not color the walls, the floor or her toys; instead she colored her TOENAILS!!!

Two baths later her toe nails are still blue.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

22 days and counting ...

until Abigail turns two!!! Can you believe that. It really seems like it was only yesteday my little pumpkin was born. She has changed so much since that day. There is so little baby left in her...and so much big girl is already starting to show up.

In other news Abigail is going to be a flower this Halloween. This is probably the last halloween I will have 100% control over her costume...who am I kidding probably this time next year I will have very little control over anything.

To be a flower Abigail will have a tutu full of leaves, pink petals and a green stem made of a leaotard.

I completed part one last night. What do you think?

Also if anyone knows where I can find a green t-shirt shorts outfit or else a green thin sweatsuit let me know. I am not having any luck so far.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Raggs Dance Party

We went to the Raggs Dance Party tonight at Kenan Auditorium. Abigail and I went with her grandmother. All three of us had a lot of fun. Abigail was so excited to see the "dancing puppies". If they come to a town near you, you really should check them out. It is a great show!

This is Abigail's 3rd concert. We have seen Dirty Sock Fun Time Band, the Laurie Berkner Band and now Raggs Dance Party. She really does seem to enjoy the music!

Abigail,Mama and Grandma Posing for the Camera

Abigail and Mama being "Cheese-y"

That's the band!

Dancing in the aisle

Monday, September 8, 2008

Being Cute...

Abigail and Wyatt were being cute today. They were hugging and kissing and being so sweet. Of course the camera was not cooperating, but I managed to get one.

Where has my baby gone? This picture was taken in June and somehow I managed to lose that baby this summer. She is a big girl now.

A is for AppleSauce

Abigail cooked in preschool today. She made Applesauce with green apples (according to her). She also made the letter A. It is so nice to see her enjoying school. It makes me feel like I made the right choice sending her early.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Waiting for Hannah

We have been waiting for Hannah all day. She is supposed to hit some time tonight and except for taking down all the things that can blow away we really have done much today. Abigail has been in an ornary mood all day because she wants to go to school. All day she has been asking to go to "power ah play" where her preschool is located. This kid loves school so much and between holidays and hurricaines she only got to go one day this week!

So far this storm has been a whole lot of nothing...but hoping that it does not get too bad.