Saturday, September 20, 2008


Abigail had quite a day, started in school by being oblivious and then continued into the evening at home. We tried to clean her room and in 2 hs got her closet finished. Then it was dinner, and a few minutes of play time before bath and bed. In those few minutes Abigail managed to do some major damage.

She got ahold of a blue SHARPIE marker that we found in her closet. Like any 2 year old, she went to work with her unprecedented freedom with art supplies. Unlike any other 2 yr old, she did not color the walls, the floor or her toys; instead she colored her TOENAILS!!!

Two baths later her toe nails are still blue.


Teesa and Bill said...

No matter what you do, Beth, she is ALL girl. And a bit froo froo at that. I love it! Can we trade kiddos for a couple days? Sam hates it when I braid his hair. ;)

babyfordawn1983 said...

Isn't that too funny? Kids are so smart it amazes me. At least she stayed on the nails and didn't get it on her skin.