Thursday, September 18, 2008

22 days and counting ...

until Abigail turns two!!! Can you believe that. It really seems like it was only yesteday my little pumpkin was born. She has changed so much since that day. There is so little baby left in her...and so much big girl is already starting to show up.

In other news Abigail is going to be a flower this Halloween. This is probably the last halloween I will have 100% control over her costume...who am I kidding probably this time next year I will have very little control over anything.

To be a flower Abigail will have a tutu full of leaves, pink petals and a green stem made of a leaotard.

I completed part one last night. What do you think?

Also if anyone knows where I can find a green t-shirt shorts outfit or else a green thin sweatsuit let me know. I am not having any luck so far.

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Michelle (The Beartwinsmom) said...

Cute idea for a costume!!! I love it! Have you tried Walmart or Kmart and looking in the sweats department? You could also try resale stores like Goodwill.