Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in Review

Someone suggested posting a list of what our kids have done/accomplished this year (their highlights) and I thought it was a brilliant idea! So here it goes

I was 15 months old
I was 26.5 lbs and 31.5 inches
I flew to New York to see my cousin Nick and Liza get married. Learned that I did not like the cold
I became obsessed with taking things apart and putting them back together.
I started really talking in sentences
I dislocated my elbow for the second time.
I learned to ride a "big girl" swing and go up and down a slide by myself for the first time.
I knew the sounds of all animals and could name 26 animals and wanting to learn more.

I started to sometimes wear underwear at home- and stay dry!!
I flew to Louisville Kentucky to see my cousins.
I went to The Louisville Slugger Museum. I loved the bats and would not let go of Derrik Jeters.
I got my first haircut in Indiana. I did not cry at all!
I went to the Lousiville Zoo, I loved to see all the animals in real life- well except the Gorillas.
I started to name all my colors
I learned how to jump

I became interested in all the different types of flowers that grow on my block.
I started to insist on what I will and will not wear.
I loved dancing to Noggin Music Videos.
I went on my first Easter Egg Hunt
I got a tricycle from the Easter Bunny.
I went to Charlotte to meet my new Friend Eli


I went to New York City for the nth time. This time I brought my friend and we had a blast.
I went and ate at the American Girl Museum
I went to the Bronx Zoo.
I slept through many parts of New York City
I learned all my Letters. I could name and recognize them.
I told mommy no more diapers and than potty trained in 2 weeks!
I started Gymnastics and fell in love
I learned to roller skate.

I got my first Trophy for Gymnastics and I was in my first Show!
I went to Charlotte again to see my friends MEredith and Eli.
I met my friend Sam for the first time. Check out his blog.
I drew my first self portrait.
I dislocated my elbow for the 3rd time- jumping out of a chair.
I can ride my bike down the block
I am really enjoying pretending.

I learned that I love playing with shaving cream- and messy art.
I dislocated my elbow for the 4th time.
I started to go potty all by myself.
I went "camping" in Boone and hiked on the Blue Ridge Parkway for the first time.
I learned to swim.
I went to New York City AGAIN.
I met my new Cousin Mila for the first time.

I watched my first fireworks celebration and played with my first sparkler.
I grew tadpoles. I continued my love affair with Animals
I went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
I went to my first Aquarium.
I threw mommy's wallet out the window and realized that mommy can get VERY angry.
I started to read.
I spent my first night away from mommy.
I went to Sesame Place and LOVED the water rides and the shows.
I went back to New York City and got to dance on the BIG piano at FAO Schwartz.
My friend moved away and I was very sad.

I started talking- really talking 3-4 word sentences!
I am reading more and more words.
I started to spell words- sounding them out.
I learnd to use words to argue my point.
I started preschool at Jenkins Preschool Academy.

I had my first Hurricane Day- and the storm never came.
I began to learn to cook.
I went to my 3rd concert.
  1. The Dirty Sock Funtime Band
  2. Laurie Berkner
  3. Raggs Live in Concert
I learned how to paint my toes all by myself.
I started to pay attention to the news and give my opinion.
I fell in love with Barack Obama


I turned two. I am 35 inches and 30 lbs.
I can count to 20, I know all my letters, can recognize my numbers to 10 and know all my colors and shapes. Most Surprisingly I can read.
I had three Birthday Parties.
Overnight I started doing real puzzles. I can now do 48 piece puzzles.
My friends Meredith came to my Birthday Party and her mom did my 2nd Birthday Pictures- she is an awesome Photographer!!
I dressed up as a flower for Halloween and enjoyed trick-or-treating.

I really got into art- started drawing faces and people everywhere.
I participated in my first Presidential Election and let everyone in the polling station know who I wanted to win.
I went to Charlotte and got 3 days of Quality time with Meredith
I went to Sophia's 4th Birthday Party- my first real tea party.
I started to identify and draw expressions with emotion.
I saw my first snow fall.
I learned how to skip and gallop.
I was in my first Thanksgiving Show at School.
I went to Louisville, Kentucky for Thanksgiving and had my first Fried Turkey- I did not like it.
I got my first Report Card
I started writing letters, M, N, H, I, A , S
I learned how to cut...
I continued to need to do things perfect.
I got a "big girl" bedroom from my mom for Christmas.
I went and picked out my Christmas Tree. TOld the lady I was five.
I learned my last name, my age, and my address.
I started to use pronouns really well.
I am acting out my books.
I had my picture taken with Santa.
I can read many of my books.
I helped decorate the tree for the first time.
I learned the story of Christmas.
I love my family very much.
I can dress myself and take off my pants.
I had my first bungee jump.
I went to my first photo shoot.

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Sophie said...

What an excellent idea!
What a great year she has had, imagine how she will progress in the xoming year.
Please post a video of her reading, I'd love to hear her. She sounds amazing.

mick said...

How awesome! Huge surges, huge changes.