Sunday, December 21, 2008

Remembering 2008...

I cannot believe 2008 is almost over. It has been a busy year filled with lots of travel, lots of fun and lots of photo's. Somehow during all of that Abigail went from a baby to a little girl. Here are some of my favorite moments from 2008...


Showing off her cool sense of style


Taking a moment to stop and smell the flowers


First Pedal Bike- Grandma's Easter Present


Easter 2008- What a pretty dress!


In a New York City Taxi- Enjoying
a rare moment out of a car seat


Playing in the Playground in Central Park

Gymnastics Class...haning from the bars.


Hanging out with Teesa and Sam
at a Charlotte Shoneys (I think)

I will finish the second half of 2008 later in the week

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Michelle said...

I really like this idea of a year in review. I may have to steal it for my blog now! :)