Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Begining to look a lot like Christmas...

everywhere we go...well not really since it has been in the 70s since Friday. But inside it is starting to look like we are ready to celebrate.

We will decorate the tree tomorrow but I finished (i think) the fireplace tonight. Trying to keep it "simple" this year.

Saturday we went to Mayfair to see Santa. This is Abigail's first picture with Santa and I was not expecting a good picture. But like always Abigail surprised me. She was a little warey at first but Santa was awesome and she warmed up quickly.

This is a picture of a picture so the quality is not the best, but you can see the joy in her face...and that is what the season is all about; spreading joy.


melJ said...

Nice decorating. That pic of her & santa is sweet.

bpayne said...

love it :) Ab's sweater looks very familiar hee hee. We are going to see santa this weekend (pray for me dealing with the crowds).