Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Starting to feel a lot like Christmas

Our Beautiful Christmas Tree

You can almost here the bells ringing on Santa's sleigh and it seems everything is coming together. The Christmas tree is up, the packages are arriving and hidden and the Christmas Spirit is alive and well in Wilmington...the only thing not cooperating is the weather. It was 74 and foggy today...not much chance we will be having a "White Christmas" here.

Abigail helped us to decorate the tree last night. It was not actually planned (started it after bedtime) but she had a nightmare and woke up and caught us in the she "helped" out. Here are a few pics...

Hanging an ornament

Hanging more ornaments...

Deciding on the best place to put the ornament with Grandma

Posing with mama... she was "done" by this point!
Hopefully everyone is having as good, if not better holiday season as we are

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Sophie said...

Abigail is such a cutie. Your Christmas tree looks excellent. I love your blog. Feel free to read my blog about Sophie and Sophie's own blog!