Sunday, August 22, 2010

Home made Puzzles

Abigail has always been a puzzle lover. I have pictures of her doing an 12 piece interlocking puzzle at a year old, she was doing 48 pieces ones by two...but then she stopped. She sort've lost all interest in doing puzzles larger then 60 pieces and barely did any puzzles this past year...until yesterday.

Yesterday she came across a Disney Fairies puzzle that was 100 pieces and she did it without a problem, today it was a 150 piece Sleeping Beauty puzzle. In addition to doing the larger puzzles she has decided to make her own.

How to Make a Homemade Puzzle (No tools required)

Materials Needed
*Childs Artwork
* Scissor
* clear packing tape

1. Have your child draw a picture on piece of paper. The more colors they use the easier the puzzle will be to put together.

2. Wrap both sides of paper in clear masking tape. This is very important, if you do not do this the sharpie will leak through

3. Draw puzzle shaped pieces on the BACK of the paper. Don't draw the lines on your childs drawing.

4. Cut out the puzzle pieces and have your child put together.

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