Wednesday, September 1, 2010

(Last) First Day of Preschool

Abigail had her last first day of preschool today. Her first day in PreK but her last day at Jenkins Preschool Academy. She started there three years ago. I took a risk with the school, she started the first year it opened, and there was only 1 other student in her class that first year but she has thrived there. She loves it there and it is great to send her to a place where I know they love her.

And to show how much she has grown (physically) since she was there her is her first day of school last year (2009)

and her first year (2008)


-Wildflowers, 4cats and HomeTarts- said...

i came across your blog via NW bloglist.

she is soooo adorable ! you must be so proud : ) cute as a button.

RheLynn said...

wow - such big differences in height!