Sunday, August 15, 2010

Homeschooling 101

This year in addition to preschool and her many many activities (violin, soccer, ballet, gymnastics, and cubbies) Abby will be "in"formally homeschooling also. We have proven this summer, that Abigail's brain needs to be kept busy if she is going to sleep well at night. Apparently the more she knows the more she needs to know, so we will be trying our best to handle this at home.

Since she will be going to Kindergarten in 2011 I am hoping to do more outside of the box stuff to keep some stuff for school to teach her (HAH!) but she does best with standard academic stuff so we will definitely be doing a mixture of stuff.

Currently we are starting with Junior Great Books (Dragon Series), Headway Program (On a Blue Hill) and handwriting. She also has a jumpstart first grade program that is in love with. We finished Singapore Math this summer and I am debating between 1B and a different math program. I am also going to buy Explode the Code Online for her when money is more fluid.

I am planning on creating a homeschooling blog, just to keep track of what we are doing, but that needs to wait until I can think of a good blog name :)

Until then Pictures of course :)

Manuscript- Ab has known her letters since she was 18 months and could write them since two, but we are working on forming the correctly and not writing everything in all caps. We are going to do a letter a day and then she writes three words that start with them. If you cannot tell from the drawing, when she writes bottom, she means butt.

Tonight we also started reading the Junior Great Books Dragon Series. The first story was The Frog Prince by The Brother's Grimm. I read the story and we are going to do a unit on it, not sure what we will include but definitely will at least cover the life cycle of the frog and possible parts of a fairy tale.

Thats all for now.

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Imola said...

Oh, looking forward to your homeschooling blog!