Friday, August 6, 2010

and some art

Here is some art that ABigail has produced in the past couple of days. I am really loving how well she uses perspective to capture what she is drawing.

This picture does not really do this painting justice. Abigail spent between 20-30 minutes painting an eye ball tonight. She did a great job capturing the little details like catch lights, tear ducts and the general shape of the eye (which is not round) I really like this one.

This next one she made with her Auntie Liza last week. Again the amazing use of perspective as the prince is on the ground and the princess is high up in a tower.

Lastly is this picture that she made tonight. It was interesting to watch her use markers, something we don't typically use. I am biased but again I love her amazing use of perspective. She never quite explained this picture- but I still think it is very funky.

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