Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December Videos

Here are a few videos I have taken of Abigail this week. She had her dance recital on Tuesday. Then this upcoming Sunday she has her first ever violin concert.

Here is a video from her dance recital.

and here is one from Violin practice tonight.

Lastly, this is a video I took last night of her reading. It amazing how much her fluency has improved in the last month. Abby does not know it but tomorrow I meet with the Director or CFCI, a local charter school, to discuss early entry.  This is an excellent charter school, and we are trying to get in on early entry (she misses the deadline by 6 weeks) so we need to prove her worthiness. I have the testing, the work, now it comes down to the director agreeing that she is a good canidate.

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chamandra said...

aww super cute stuff, beth! - chandra