Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last day of school!

Abby had her last day of school last Friday. She has done wonderful and has a successful year. She is looking forward to the summer vacation- but also to seeing her friends again in the fall. I cannot believe my little baby is about to start her last year of preschool!

Here is a picture of her from her first day of preschool this year.

and a picture of her on her last day of preschool

not as big of change in her physically but major changes socially and cognitively. Here are a few comments from her last report card.

Abby communicates well and adjusts to new situations appropriately. She is very trusting in the adults that are around her on a daily basis and looks to them for guidance when needed. She plays well with the other children and follows rules and routines with guidance and some reminders. Abby is thoughtful of others feelings and is respectful of them. She is not the one to start conflict and is easily guided in the right direction if there is any.

Abby is very curious and very persistent when she knows something. She will ask for assistance when needed but she is determined to do things on her own. Abby can rote count and her one to one correspondence is very good. She often helps other students identify numbers/letters when they are stuck. Abby has a great imagination and loves to play with the kids whether it is princesses, dancers, vet doctor, etc.

Abby has a great vocabulary. She follows directions when she is focused. She loves to give the answers during circle time and over time has learned to give the other kids a chance. Sbe loves to listen to stories and can always recall aspects of the story. Abby does well writing. She is a lot of fun to have in class and will always succeed.

Abby is very active. She loves to run, jump, play and dance. She is sometimes clumsy he that is usually because she is looking another way or not paying attention to where she is going. Her physical motor skills are all very typical of a three year old. She does very well printing the letters of the alphabet and numbers.

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