Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just being a kid...

Today was a wonderful day! We spent the day enjoying the weather, the pool and our family. Abigail is like a new child since she has had her tonsils out (and the scabs came out) I thought she was a happy smiley inquisitive child before but now she is 100x that. She wants to see, smell, touch and KNOW everything in her world around her. It is a wonder to see her curiosity and imagination blossom! This morning she pretended that an egg from her kitchen set was a baby gosling getting ready to crack! She was such a good mama Goose(?) and took care of that egg very carefully. Another new thing for her just today is that she can dress and undress herself! This is such a big thing for us because while she has been potty trained forever she had trouble pulling up her more. She proved to us today that she can button snap and tug to get dressed and look reasonably neat :)

This afternoon we managed to talk grandma into going swimming with us. This was a big treat as Grandma does not like the ladder that leads to the pool. We all had a good time playing together and Abigail especially enjoyed showing off for her.

I will add pictures in the morning!

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