Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A conversation with Abigail...

A Flower- dough on dough- 30 months

Scene: In the diningroom trying to put Abigail's hair into piggy tails....

Me: ABigail, sit up and stay still still so I don't pull your hair

Abigail (silently sobbing): Mommy, I am not happy
Me: I am sorry , baby, why aren;t you happy
Abigail: Because I am sad
Me: Why are you sad?
ABigail: Because you yelled at me
Me: I am sorry baby, why did I yell at you
Abigail: Because I would not sit here (pointng to the back of the chair)
Me: Well if you do not sit still, I will pull your hair
Abigail: Don't pull my hair- thats not nice!
Me: Then sit still, do you want a banana?
Abigail: Yes, wipe my tears! Can I wear my new princess shoes?
Just proof that no matter how bad things are ....a new pair of shoes can make it better

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