Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sometime she seems so brilliant...

and sometimes she proves that she is not yet 2 and 1/2/

Last night Abigail and I had a conversation about what came first the vulture or the egg. She was doing a sequencing a cut and paste about a vulture. It had three pictures a vulture egg, a baby vulture and then a "mama" vulture. Abigail kept insisting that the mama came first "because you can't have an egg without a mama" For a while I tried to say that you cannot have a mama without a egg...but finally gave up and just said we were talkig about the egg growing up and she did the sheet without a problem. . So as she she slowly floated off to dreamland I left the room wondering how smart she really is.

Of course with morning light came the reality that she is only two as she yelled at me "You can't look at my boo-boo." and then covered HER eyes!

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