Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Joys of Friendship

We went to Charlotte this weekend to help celebrate Sophia's 4th Birthday. It was more of an unbirthday party since her Birthday is not for 3 weeks but it was a great time! Sophia is getting to be a big girl. In a few weeks she will be 4 soon and their is very little "baby" left. It has been so much fun watching Sophia grow up these past few years!

Abigail had so much fun at the party. She got to hang out with all her friends, have her first proper tea party, and eat her first finger sandwiches; strawberry and cream cheese, which she LOVED! It was a lot of fun to watch Abigail play with her friends. These are the kids that she "grew up" with and she truely loves these girls like no others. I really dont know how to explain their relationship except to say that she loves them.

On this visit we stayed with Meredith and her parents. Abigail and Meredith share a closeness that is hard to explain. These two truely love each other. They are like sisters! What makes their relationship so amazing is that for the majority of their friendship, and their lives, they have lived over 4 hrs away from each other .

Barbara (Meredith's mom) and I hung out a lot for about 6 months when Abigail was a young infant. Durring that time we became really good friends. But when Abigail was 9months old Meredith and her mother moved to Charlotte ,about 4 hrs away. Since then we have only seen them for a long weekend every 2 or 3 months. Most adults find it hard enough to keep up relationships over a long distance which makes it so much more amazing to watch these two girls fall into play as if they were with each other every day. This morning they played together for nearly 3 hours without one fight, mishap or need for adult intervention! It was wonderful, both for them and for us...

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