Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Becoming an Artist??

Abigail has really been working on her art skills lately. She has always loved art especially painting and coloring. Recently she has started to draw people..it started with just eyes on a face at school ...

When I first saw this I doubted it really was her, but then she started to do it at home too. Last week she drew a "ghost" on her magna doodle.

Since then people have been everywhere!

Abigail spent monday with the older class at her preschool, Jenkins PReschool Academy. She "learned" the letter I and to reinforce it they played with itsy Bitsy Spiders. her teacher for the day, Ms. Leslie, said that as soon as they put the spider down she picked up a marker and drew a face on it.

Today she has added a sad face to the expressions she does and legs...will work on adding those pictures soon!


Amy said...

How sweet is that? They look great, Bravo Abby!!

Teesa and Bill said...

That's great, Abigail!! Way to go!! She's way ahead of most kids her age - our doctor said it's not normal to fill in the face until they're about 4 to 5 years old!