Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

Everyone has wordless wednesdays but it seems like everything fun in our house happens on Wednesdays.

Abigail is a very girly girl. She loves shoes, and dolls, and tea parties. She loves the color pink and playing kitchen and dresses. I have come to accept this and even love the qualities in her that I do not share. But today she brought it to the nth degree. SHe was sitting on my lap giggly and smiling and playing with my hair. All of a sudden she put my hair in front of my eyes and said "Mama bangs" and "good bangs" :) She definitely is a girl.

Teaching a child to argue is very important in my opinion. They need to be able to express their opinion and give a valid argument. Arguing is a part of life in my family and I want Abigail to be able to hold her own in life. Of course this concept is VERY HARD to teach an almost 2 yr old. For Abigail, it is just as easy to throw herself down on the floor and scream then it is to use her words. Today we made some progress.

Abigail: I want to ride the bike
Me: No Stroller tonight
Abigail: Abigail and babies ride bike
Me: No Stroller
Abigail: Abigail walk dogs bike
Me. If you want to come with mama and walk the dogs you need to go in the stroller
Abigail: (Stomping and getting ready) No stroller Bike
Me: Bye bye Abby
Abigail: No Bye Bye, ABigail baby stroller

So I won the argument but I know in the long run if she is getting this good at using her words then she will be good at arguing!

On a side note Abigail and I started reading Anne of Green Gables which seems like an odd book to read to a 22 month old. But Abigail loves it. In 3 nights we have gotten through 1 and 1/2 chapters. Most impressivly she is remembering details from night to night.

Ill add some photos soon.

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