Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another one of those days!!

So Ab's temp is finally under control. She is back to being her crazy self with a 101 temp but acceptable...And I actually had time to work on getting the pool clean!! Well I am busy shocking the pool and a big breeze blows (First breeze we've had in months) and I inhale the chlorine. It kinda worried me, but not that I kept working. 20 minutes later my noise and throat are really bothering on th bottle "call poison control" I did. I am writing this post from a steamy bath I have 20 more minutes of this before I get to go sit outside in the fresh air for 30 minutes...when it rains it pours!!

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Anonymous said...

(Trying to leave this comment...again)
I hope all is well! I definitely hope that she has not come down with that crazy virus (Roseola....2-3 days fever, followed by 3-4 days rash). Looks like I'll be catching up with you next week and we can FINALLY meet!
Tamika and Arianna (Toddler Tamers)