Thursday, January 17, 2008

Out of the mouth of babes...and other random info

Abigail went for her 15 month visit on Monday. SHe is 26.5 lbs...31.5 inches doing awesome. She is developing beautifully. She is functioning somewhere between 23-28 months according to the MD.

Abigail has had a major word burst since last weekend. She is talking up a storm...constantly acting like a chatterbox. It all started Friday afternoon when I came home from work and she was crying. She looked at me and said "I got owie" and yes she did . She had dislocated her elbow another trip to the ER and she is back to normal. But that sentence brought forth many more.

Some of the things she said are:

I got ball
I got owie
Juishe Pleashe
I want___ (many different things)
Help Me
Press the button
No Mine!!
No ball Memo

and the one that broke my heart. I kissed Abigail goodbye the other morning. She looked at me with sad eyes and said "NO go mama. Stay. Read" while handing me her book. It hurt so bad to leave her then.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and takes some time to remembher all that Martin Luther King jr did for our country!

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