Saturday, November 3, 2007

...better then being hit by a car

That is what the doctor at the ER said Friday night as he was putting Abigails elbow back into place. Poor baby had a "stereotypical" case of nursemaids elbow. For those that have not experienced this it is when your preschooler dislocates her elbow.

Abigail made a run for the doors at Wal-Mart on Friday night and fell as I went to grab her hand. When she stood up she was not moving her arm at all. She was crying on and off but I thought she was tired and had enough for the day. I put her to bed, only to look in on her at 11pm and see that in 2 hrs she had not moved her arm at all. So we headed to the ER.

I have to say I was so impressed by the New Hanover Hospital Emergency Room. They were great. They had us back in the room within 10 minutes , and the MD was with us in less then 2 more. We were actually discharged before the woman from registration came to see us. Not so sure if it was because Abigail was SCREAMING the entire time we were their, or because they understood the anxiety she had and the pain she was in. Needless to say the doctor QUICKLY reduced her elbow and Abigail was home and in bed by 12:30.

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