Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some more stories

Here are three stories Abby wrote tonight.

The Sea Turtle in the world.
Once upon a time there was a turtle. The turtle wanted to go all around the world. Then the rainbow went across the world . Then the flower grew around the world. The turtle saw footprints. The footprints belonged to another turtle. He saw the footprints and said “OH that’s really big”. Then the turtle found a house. The moon came up. He went into the house. He saw a fountain. He grew older and older and older and he got a cane because he was old. 

The little Child
Once upon a time there was a child. She was a girl.  The child was playing a game of dice. Then when he was playing the game of dice, he fell asleep. He dreamed that he was going to be a bad guy and shoot arrows everywhere.  There was a little sheep that he was shooting arrows at. It was in  a fence.  It had one tree. Lightening was there.  Time was up, he fell off his bed.
The end

The Beetle of Doom
Once upon a time there was a beetle who had a mask on.  It was a face mask. There was fire on the mask.  He took the mask off. He saw one little egg on the mask and took it off.  But the beetle was really magical.  He could fly! He could even wear off the fire on his mask.  The fire was as light as a flashlight. He had one question, the question was if he could get out of here. He saw an arrow pointing down, and thought maybe that was the way to get out of there.

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