Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's your Child's Talent Part 2

I first did this poll when Abigail was 19 months old. At that time it described Abigail perfectly by saying:

Your child has strong spatial ability. Your may be living with the next famous astronomer such as Carl Sagin or the next cutting edge artist such as Picasso or Frida Kahlo.

These children can spot everything, including candy hidden behind your back. They know where everything is located in the house. They are great at finding lost items for other family members. They think in pictures and forms.

I tried it again tonight and again it described Abigail perfectly for who at 45 months old.

Your child has exceptional linguistic ability. Your child could bethe next president. Also, your child may be the next Dale Carnegie, Dr. Suess, or JK Rowland.

Your child can hear things and remember them easily. They are often advanced readers and learn to talk quickly. They enjoy telling stories. They learn other languages easily. They can generalize how their language is put together in written and spoken form readily.

For fun, if you want to try the quiz yourself click here

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