Saturday, December 5, 2009

All grown up...

At least that is what Abigail said today after I agreed to let her pierce her ears. She has been BEGGING for a month for me to let her do it, but I thought she would wimp out at the last minute. Little did I know that whatever Abigail sets her mind to do she will do; a great trait that she has.

Abigail was so excited to get her ears pierced. She did not cry or even so any hesitation, in fact she told the ear piercing girls (there were 2 of them) how to pierce her ears "once you are done drawing the dot, you will pierce them with a needle". Afterwards she was SOOO proud of her earings and herself I think.

Not a tear was shed and she is walking around 10 feet tall tonight.


mick said...

They look good! A girl who knows her mind, that's for sure :)

RheLynn said...

Amazing! Looks great Abigail :)