Friday, October 10, 2008

She's Two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was then...

This is now....

My baby girl is growing up she had a wonderful birthday but first a cute story...

North Carolina is a "battleground state" in the presidential elections. So for every 5 minutes of programing you watch on TV you get 10 minutes of comericials on McCain v. Obama (plus local politics). Last night we were sitting down to eat dinenr and another Obama comercial came on TV and I think for the first time Ab looked at it. She started saying "obama, obama" (I think she liked the way it sounded) and then looked at my mom and said "Obama, Grandma likes Obama". It is fun to watch her come alive and become more aware of the world around her.

I don't know if the massive advertisment has had any effect on those over 18 and ready to vote, but Abigail is absorbing alot.

Now onto the big news, Abigail is 2! As of 3:51 this morning Abigail is now a preschooler and ready to be as she put it "A big girl". Her birthday did not start that well though. First, she woke up wet and in need of a bath. Then, because I forgot to buy her shampoo, I had to use mine, and got soap in her eyes. THen when she got to school her teacher and the love of her life (Sammy) were out. Her day turned out really good though. She partied down with the rest of the kids and had a great time eating cupcakes. Tonight my aunt and uncle came over to help celebrate and Abigail enjoyed a wonderful dinner and a PINK Cake. If you want to see the pictures of her entire day, you can click on the link above but these are some of my favorites!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Look at the beautiful princess!

Abigail and Ms. Lesley enjoying a cupcake

Yum, that was a good cupcake!

More cake at home. It was pink, thanks Auntie Anna :)

Posing with Mama

Just one more bite!

Out for the count...just can't take it anymore, presents

will have to wait till tomorrow.


Randi Jo :) said...

she's so cute. thanks for letting us share in the celebration! :)

Teesa and Bill said...

Happy birthday a little late, Ab! We love you.

Beth, you look fantastic!