Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pop goes the...


Yep, she did it again. Abigail was jumping up and down while I was holding her hands and all of a sudden I heard that ominous click, and she started to scream. I thought we would be heading to the ER but I was able to relocate it with the help of a friend (who is an RN)!! As soon as we heard the click, she was able to use it again.This saved Abigail and I a trip to the ER and about $800.

Abigail was back to playing with the kids a few minutes later. She even did a handstand on the couch to show everyone how much better she was feeling. But it is scary how quickly she dislocated it again. It has only been 3 weeks since we were at the ER in Charlotte having it relocated. Plus it seems like it is taking a lot less to dislocate it.

Dislocation #1 Running for doors in Walmart
Dislocation #2 Walking up steps with Grandma
Dislocation #3 Jumping out of chair at day care
Dislocation #4 Jumping up and down at party, holding my hand


Michelle (The Beartwinsmom) said...

OUCH!!! Poor sweetheart!! You might want to see a pediatric orthopaedic specialist to find out why she's dislocating her elbow so easily.

Hugs for you both!

Trista Teeter said...

Oh man, that bites!! Sounds like the cast option might be the way to go, eh? Poor girlie.

Melinda Zook said...

Ouchies. I have never dislocated anything but I could just imagine the pain. Hopefully they find out why it is happening.