Sunday, April 13, 2008

Proof that I have no control

To preface this, if you do not know yet: I HATE DORA!! I do not like her at all, dont like the show, the over commercialism anything. I find that she is whiny and pandering to kids intellects. We don't watch the show, we don't own the clothes, you will not find us within 10 feet of anything dora. Even if we get them as hand me downs...we only wear the Dora free parts [:)] If I have not made my point clear, I HATE DORA

NOw on with my story...

Abigail got a bitty baby while we were in NYC from the American Girl Store. For the past 2 days she has been walking around with it. She really loves her "daby". Tonight she came up to me and said "Daby kiss." So I kissed the doll, and then asked her what was her baby's name. Out of her mouth came that dreaded word "Dora".... it is all downhill from here.


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