Monday, February 18, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears...

Well the bears had already gone to bed for the night, but we did see the Lions and Tigers on our trip to the Louisville Zoo Sunday. As usual Abigail loved it. SHe enjoyed everything ...except the Gorillas. The Gorillas scared her.

...Checking out the Elephants. Liked the look...was not so sure of the smell.

Hanging with Auntie Cate and the Giraffes!! Aren't they TALL

The gorrilla room really scared Abigail. She was hiding behind my leg the entire time. But before those scary apes scared her, she was willing to pose in front of the sign.

And one last pic. Mommy and ABigail in front of the Lions. Mommy is always taking pictures so we do not have enough together.

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