Monday, December 18, 2006

Moral of the story...

Exercise is bad for you!

Went to the gym for the frst time in like 5 years and brought abigial with me. she had a great time in the day care. We (friend and her 2 kids) walked back to the jeep. Put the kids in...Abigail (2mos) Maya (16 mos) and Carter (27 mos) and walked around to put stroller in trunk...all of a sudden we hear a BEEP BEEP and the doors were all locked with all three kids in the car.

The cops came very quickly...amazing how quickly they respind when you tell them there are 3 kids under the age of 3 locked in the jeep. It took them more time to get the door open then to get there. They were at the Y in less then 5 minutes.

ALl in all, she is fine, I am worse for wear. But she is doing great!

Police said that you should never have a car alarm with small children.

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